It is best to clean marble granite hayward and furniture with a clean soft cloth

Rattan chairs or loungers relatively light, easy to move up, so when this kind of tables and chairs can be used to clean water and detergent. Rattan furniture clean dirt, wipe gently with a rag in addition, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. In peacetime use of rattan furniture, pay attention to the interface rattan, try not to cane compilation mouth exposed, otherwise easily bent and deformed.

Solid wood furniture and marble granite hayward should always clean, dirt every day, because the friction surfaces of solid wood furniture, especially for outdoor wood furniture. Best to use a clean soft cloth, such as an old white T-shirt or a baby with a cotton cloth. Remember not to use a sponge or utensils clean utensils wipe your furniture. Please use cotton soaked wrung when dust, because wet cloth to reduce friction and avoid scratching the furniture, but also helps to reduce electrostatic attraction of dust, which will help remove dust the furniture surface. Avoid moisture left in the surface of furniture and marble granite hayward, it would be best to use a dry cloth and then wipe again.

American ancient natural wood furniture and dignified and elegant, but the change of wood moisture content may be deformed or cracked, it is particularly needs careful care, especially in the hot summer months. For example, long-term can not let the sun rays, giant hot or not too cold, too dry and humid environment for solid wood furniture is inappropriate. If you frequently switch air conditioning temperature and humidity changes caused by too much, even for qualified solid wood furniture products sometimes deformation, cracking phenomenon.