The marble granite hayward and sofa is favored by modern young people‚Äč

Fabric sofa with its rich colors, beautiful patterns set, comfortable feel, exquisite materials, as well as elegant and beautiful styling, it is favored choice for modern young people. But fabric sofa relatively short life, it is easy to dirty, so routine maintenance is very important. The following describes some of the knowledge of how to care for fabric sofa and marble granite hayward points:

Routine maintenance fabric sofa (One)
 Avoid direct sunlight: fabric elastic fabric sofa size determines the level of comfort, prolonged sun exposure will not only make the fabric elastic loss, but also easy to make color fade, therefore, should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight fabric sofa. Best placed can avoid sunlight or translucent chiffon curtains separating the sunlight. To extend the life of the fabric sofa.

Routine maintenance fabric sofa (two)
 Fabric sofa is easy to dirty, especially the sofa armrest, seat parts. Easy dirty, it should be covered with a towel or large towel on top of the sofa, can increase the decorative effect, but also dust. Fabric sofa and marble granite hayward is easy to dust, the usual maintenance should pay attention to dust. Usually available pat dry towel. Fabric sofa can be vacuuming once a week, with particular attention to the removal of the dust of fabric structures. Handrails, the gap between the backrest and must also take into account, you can use the rotation angle more, the size of the tip can replace the vacuum cleaner, so the gap between the dust and foreign matter in addition to the net.