Tell you some tips about using gas stoves and kitchen cabinet hayward​

Tell you some tips of using gas stoves and  kitchen cabinet hayward

1. When using a gas stove, to observe the combustion conditions, there should not be yellow flame, flame and black smoke from the phenomenon, such as the above phenomenon, please adjust the damper plate inside the stove until a clear blue flame up.
2. When the ignition, you should press the ignition knob, a little pause and then rotate the ignition ensure reliable ignition.
3. Check valve on the pressure gauge on the air supply pressure is consistent with the rated pressure chassis parameters when used on the nameplate.
4. Open the gas supply, check the hose with soap and valves, gas appliance in the direction of the air intake, or whether tee interface a gas leak. (The body's internal tightness has been strictly checked at the factory, if not disassemble the kitchen cabinet hayward body repair, do not detect its tightness) open flame is prohibited leak!
5. After passing the boot leak, visual combustion conditions, the air intake damper adjustment caused by the best position (clear flame, color light blue, burning strong); ignition ten times, check their firing rate; ignite each burner, put a The outer ring burner tune small fire, which blew out after Firelight, check the gas channel knob is closed, another burner flame is at a set time (ion-sensitive flame protection 8 seconds, 45 thermoelectric flame protection seconds) extinguish.
6. After use, turn off the gas valve on the pipe or gas cylinders to ensure safety.