The maintenance tips of gas stove ​and kitchen cabinet san francisco

The maintenance tips of gas stove and kitchen cabinet san francisco

1, the regular interface with soapy water to check gas pipeline leaks, rubber hose is intact, whether aging cracks, should be replaced if it is found.
2, using the user stove should be cleaned regularly cover fire fire hole to prevent clogging and should regularly clean up the dust, cobwebs and other debris inside the stove.
3, after the stove fire cover is damaged, be sure to buy original products, can not be replaced, so as to avoid burning bad state.
4, when the intake hose long-term use of aging or damaged, the formation of a security risk. Therefore, the intake hose should be replaced aging, continue to use sticky tape must not use up later.
Sterilizer disinfection have a choice
Not all of the tableware disinfection cabinet can be placed in sterilized. Ceramic utensils not put disinfection cabinet disinfection. Ceramic vessel into the sterilizer, and will release harmful substances harmful to human health. Because ceramic bowls, plates, cylinders, tanks and other bowl and kitchen cabinet san francisco, in the glaze and color, its enamel, pigments contain toxic lead, cadmium and other compounds, ceramic glaze more color more vivid, compound content of lead, cadmium greater. Normally, these toxic compounds are relatively stable, but a case of high temperature will evaporate.
Sterilizer works belong to high-temperature sterilization, in working condition, its interior up to 200 ℃. Often use this sterile ceramic containers full bloom food, make food contamination and health hazards.