Teach you four strokes: how to reduce the fumes from the kitchen and floor san francisco

Teach you four strokes: How to reduce the fumes from the floor san francisco and kitchen

1 trick: change the "emergency fire cooking" cooking habits. Do not overheat the oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed 200 ℃ (to limit smoking in the pan), so not only can reduce the "fumes syndrome" pot dish vitamin can be effectively preserved.

2 strokes: best not repeated frying oil. Some housewives in order to save a little oil, fried fish, fried pork used oil re-use is not discarded, not knowing that there is also contains many carcinogens. Repeated heating cooking oil used to fry foods such as cooking oil many times, not only in itself contains carcinogenic substances, it produces fumes containing carcinogens are also more dangerous.

3 strokes: Be sure to do the kitchen ventilation and floor san francisco. Kitchen to keep the natural ventilation, but also installation performance, better hoods. In the cooking process, we should always open the hood, fried vegetables finished off after 10 minutes hoods.

4 strokes: Try steaming, boiling, frying and other cooking methods. This will reduce the amount of cooking oil, but also reduce the damage to food nutrients.