The preventive measures of some stone and kitchen cabinet san jose

Precautions: ① good paving stone in the dark and damp even if under heavy moisture environments such as model uncertainty should do first. ② before the job is not a lot of stone watering. ③ ground under the wall vapor barrier should be set. Floor bathroom, shower room, kitchen cabinet san jose, if water stone decoration, treatment should be impermeable.

4. Some stone due to the soft texture of the stone itself or larger holes, was chosen as the use of ground stone, although construction is also done before the six-sided protection, but since these soft stone, holes and more features, even if doing protection, the general effect is not how good, cement sand alkaline substances can easily precipitate.

Precautions: normally encountered stone material is relatively soft stone and kitchen cabinet san jose such as French wood stone, holes are more like beige travertine stone and other construction materials as the ground, we generally multi-use white cement instead of black cement. While the strength and viscosity than white cement cement almost black, but different, both white cement paste material composition for ground stone by stone the back squeegee, on the back of the stone can form a good airtight protection, and stone and precipitates between stone slab, also because of the white and fade to effectively prevent efflorescence.