We can effectively control the stone efflorescence phenomenon and kitchen cabinet hayward

We can effectively control the stone efflorescence phenomenon, so we ground stone are used in general engineering requirements do six-sided protection, by brushing the stone slab bottom resin glue, paste fiber mesh scrim to form tensile waterproof layer, so that moisture can not enter the closed stone surface, but ?? Why do some projects still efflorescence. And how does this situation to avoid efflorescence it  actual expert analysis and the corresponding results of common following four factors:

1. Stone and kitchen cabinet hayward protection was painted.

Preventive measures: the signing of a contract with the stone and kitchen cabinet hayward factory, the first plate is really necessary to do next six surface protection, protective solution should be the quality of clearance.

Before brushing repellant, stone should be kept clean and dry.

Brushing and brushing several times the thickness to compliance, brushing should be fully exhaustive.

After brushing, do rain protection.

Stone arrived at the scene after sampling watering can, do protective performance checks.

2. When the construction site, due to broken or cut sheet metal cutting, undermining the protection of the integrity of the original