The natural stone and kitchen cabinet san francisco are very good

Marble efflorescence causes and preventive measures corresponding analysis

Wet paste of natural stone wall during installation, stone plates will be like "watermark" as the plaque, with veneered mortar hardening and drying, "Watermark" will be slightly reduced, and even some disappear, their isolation, dispersed to appear in sector, but, over time, especially for outdoor repeatedly encounter rain or wet weather, the water from the slab or invade other parts of the stone surface, natural stone water spots gradually become larger, and even into a film in the slab, plate of local deepen luster dim, slab concurrent precipitated white crystals, for many years does not fade, seriously affect the appearance, so the situation is for the efflorescence phenomenon.

Relatively coarse crystalline natural stone and kitchen cabinet san francisco, there are many of our invisible capillaries, such as granite pore rate from 0.5 to 1.5 percent, marble pore rate from 0.5 to 2.0 percent, its impermeability than ordinary cement mortar. Although granite water absorption is only 0.2 to 1.7%, but still immersed in the water to the other side of the stone through the capillary. Such characteristics of natural stone and the presence of pores, for infiltration of the adhesive material in water, alkali, salt and other substances to provide a channel in kitchen cabinet san francisco.

After understand the causes of efflorescence, decorative stone paving process is inseparable from the process of cement, sand and water, but as long to solve the problem of water intrusion stone plate.